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The Government generally allowed persons to practice individual worship in the religion of their choice, but the country's legal framework governing religion requires that the Government officially sanction the organization and activities of all religious denominations. Respect for religious freedom improved during the period covered by this report; however, a obese sex chat rooms free positive legal reforms remained in the initial stages of implementation.


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The military does not have a chaplaincy. The country's small Jewish population is comprised almost entirely of expatriates. It reiterates citizens' rights to freedom of belief, religion, and freedom not to follow a religion, and it states that violations of these freedoms are prohibited. Approximately half of the Muslims in the country practice Sunni Islam.

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The Vietnam Buddhist Sangha engaged in humanitarian activities, including anti-drug programs, in many parts of the country. Their opposition to the communist forces until was a factor in their repression after Forced Religious Conversion The implementing decree of the Ordinance on Religion and Belief, released on March 1 states that, "Acts to force citizens to follow a religion or renounce their faith Some ethnic minority "Dega" chatroim operating in this region have been live chat with girls for free to the "Dega Church.

On June 21,the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Vietnam discussed the status of religious freedom in the country. Subsequent to the issuance of the implement decree, religious contacts from the Central and Northwest Highlands reported that attempted forced renunciations were less frequent.

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Religious figures encountered the greatest restrictions when they engaged in activities that the Government perceived as political activism or a challenge to its rule. In the Central Highlands, there were credible reports that local authorities were totally free adult chat ethnic minorities to abandon any affiliation with the "Dega" church and other Chatrom organizations.

In Hanoi, the Catholic Church noted that its long-standing requests to expand the size of its seminary and frequency of classes both were granted. Sapa District authorities stated that the land seizures and physical clashes were, in fact, instigated by Hmong clan elders upset that the individuals had abandoned their traditional beliefs, and that when authorities became aware of the situation, they ensured that altoona sex chat rooms land was returned.

Most of the congregations are in the south, with five in Ho Chi Minh City. However, there have been some anecdotal reports that in some areas local police officials have been rebuked for harassing house churches in contravention of the Prime Minister's Order on Protestantism.

Many other leading UBCV members ntai been placed under conditions similar to administrative probation and, in some cases, effectively under "house arrest," despite the lack of any charges against them. The Penal Code, as amended inestablished penalties for offenses that are defined only vaguely, including "attempting to undermine adult chat balasiw unity" by promoting esx between religious believers and nonbelievers.

House church Protestants have been able to gather in groups of as many as 5, for special worship services in Ho Chi Minh City and elsewhere.

Catholicism has revived in many areas, with newly rebuilt or renovated churches in recent years cuatroom growing s of persons who want to be religious workers. While the two were convicted of illegal distribution of recordings, the extreme rarity with which this regulation is enforced in Vietnam led observers to believe they were targeted as a result of their noa to the unrecognized HHCBC Imprisoned leaders and members of the HHCBC, such as Ha Hai, Truong van Duc, and Nguyen Desi chat Lia, were amnestied during the period covered by this report.

Much of the change came through ificant revisions to the legal framework governing religion and a lessening of government pressure on Protestant groups. Most of these have been allowed live chat naked reopen and operate, although they have not yet sought or received official registration. There are nga that the growth of Protestant believers has been as much as percent over the past decade, despite government restrictions on proselytizing activities.

At least 15 other individuals were held in conditions resembling house arrest for reasons related to the expression of their religious beliefs or attempts to form non-authorized religious organizations, despite the apparent lack of any official charges against them. During the period covered by this report, the Government released a of religious prisoners, facilitated a long-delayed national convention by one of the country's Protestant organizations, allowed the opening of a new training class for Protestant pastors, and introduced several gay bear video chat, less restrictive legal documents governing religion.

Many of Thich Nhat Hanh's comments were critical of the situation for Buddhist believers, and he called for an end to the practice of Buddhist monks holding public offices and for reconciliation between Buddhist groups. During the period covered by this report, several Muslim students were studying abroad at the invitation of foreign governments.

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On several occasions, local officials in several northwestern villages reportedly attempted to convince or force Hmong Protestants to recant their faith. In some cgatroom, local officials allow relatively wide latitude to believers; in other provinces, members of nonrecognized religious groups sometimes undergo ificant harassment or repression and are subject to the women seeking in cap chat and prejudices of local officials.

Chinh has reportedly complained that he has been refused issuance of an identity card, which is required for adult chat line mcalester registration and uoa of property. House churches are frequently tolerated in some places, although their unofficial status often leaves them at the mercy of local authorities. Mahayana Buddhists, most of whom are part of the ethnic Kinh majority, are found throughout the country, especially in the populous areas of the northern and southern delta regions.

National security and national solidarity provisions in the Constitution override many laws providing for religious freedom, and these provisions reportedly have been used to impede religious gatherings and the spread of religion chat priape certain ethnic groups. Cao Dai believer Ngo Van Thong was arrested in and sentenced to death by a Tay Ninh provincial court; his sentence was later commuted to life imprisonment.

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While government officials said that forced conversions or renunciation of faith had always been illegal, these were the first legal documents to state so explicitly. There were an estimated six religious prisoners and detainees held at the end of the period covered by this report, although the actual may be higher. On June 21,the President of the United States and the Prime Minister of Vietnam discussed the status of free chat with mature women carrabelle florida freedom in the country.

Truong Van Duc, who had been sentenced to 12 years' imprisonment for involvement in the same event, was released in January In the spring ofthe national-level Committee for Religious Affairs held two conferences for provincial-level religious affairs committees to explain the new legal framework for religion in Vietnam, as defined in these documents.

The officially recognized Hoa Hao organization reported that it engaged in numerous charitable activities and local development projects. The Government has held discussions about recognition and registration with leaders of at least four Protestant denominations, including Baptists and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The naming of new clerics adult sex text the promotion of religious dignitaries, such as bishops, require chztroom with authorities. Prior tothere were an estimatedbelievers, according to Baha'i officials. The SECV has sought to open a similar school in Dak Lak Province, as outlined by the decree, but local officials there remain recalcitrant.

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The Muslim Association reportedly was able to dating text messages enough copies of the Qur'an in to distribute one to each Muslim believer in the country. Officials in Lao Cai Province acknowledged the presence of Protestants, and said that, in keeping with Hanoi's instruction, they were seeking to open a dialogue with the Protestants on ways they could appropriately practice their religion.

Most other Vietnamese citizens consider themselves nonreligious, although many practice traditional beliefs such as veneration of ancestors and national heroes. Officially recognized organizations must free chat rooms for women their annual activities and the transfer and promotion of clerics with authorities.

Some Protestant house church leaders esx alleged that they are unable to obtain passports for international travel, although other unofficial leaders travel internationally on a regular basis.

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