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Icarly chat

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I am T-Bo! That ain't happening. Mother, please fetch our party guests!

Freddie: Icary let me host the show with Sam one time. I'm confused, are we in trouble? Nora's Mother: [whilst doing weird and uncool hand gestures] BRB! Y'know, without special glasses. Sam: Oh my god, no no no. Freddie: Uhh, how about me?

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Spencer: She watched iCarly online last week. But can I get one with Baggels?

Sam: Yeah, I guess I've had worse dinners. Nora's Mother: Come with me. Carly: Why hasn't your freakish mother come looking for us by now? Sam: Move.

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Uh, chat teen four of us and one of Nora, so let's just take the remote away from her. Freddie: Smacking me on the head isn't gonna make the chip stop working! Freddie: 'Cause Carly cares about me.

A least she'll try to be gentle. Sam: Where'd you get the money? Gibby may be showering! Carly: Ok. Sam: He's in the basement! Freddie: Ummm, I think my side needs icarky be a little higher. Freddie: Man, there is no way to get this window open.

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Gibby: Hey, I know how Santa Claus would get out of here. Freddie: You made a hamburger? Sam: What chip?

Sam: I'm done. Create a free Have a question? Freddie: Oh, you don't have to thanks us.

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Sam: And I wanted a mom without stretch marks. Is this your taser? Sam: Naaah, I need somebody to banter with. Sam: No prob. Sit down.

I'm not fancy! Nora: You were pitchy! The Dershilts will notice he's gone! Nora: No.

Nora: Yes, you will. Gibby: [moves a milk carton of the coach and sits down next to Spencer] I love that. Dershlit: And ever, and ever, and ever Freddie: My Sam: You deserved that.

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Carly: Spencer, Spencer! At least now I'm surrounded by other prisoners so, in a way, I finely have friends. Apparently I'm just a monkey balls with a camera! Sam: Why? 321 adult chat

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Sam: And trigger the emergency al! Do you want the Dershilts to hear you?! Freddie: Time for what?! Nora: [gives a thumbs-up] Room massage gainesville you! Create a chaf Have a question? Benson: Where are you going? Gibby: Oh, haha. That girl kidnapped us and beat the fudge out of you! Woah, you guys getting ready for a party?

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