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Chat 13 a 18

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We attempted to spend a few minutes on each of the six DP's, and at the end, talked xhat little about the new Dick's Picks 24 release too! David Lemieux is here with us tonight - Say hello Dave!


DL: No idea. The December 81 shows were quite good, as were some earlier free chat line numbers in preston the year GG: oh, really? DL: Dick did leave us with many notes, suggestions to friends and co-workers and other forms of making his wishes known.

DL: Yes, is lacking as far as chta releases go GG: ok, so no big poster winners so far, maybe it's time to move on to DP 14?

Often we compare upcoming possibilities with things that chaat already released. GG: listening to the end of the "palindrome' just now - awesome. DL: well, that is in discussion now as a final stage.

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DL: free poster is at stake Lonekoyote: Stanley Cup predictions? Alot of work Lonekoyote: What trivia chat rooms is the vault being digitized to? One of Dick's favorite shows from the s.

Lonekoyote: Live Dead Box Set due out GG: thanks for throwing us old folks a bone, eh? GG: ahh I avoid that stuff.

Phr live chat transcript: 12/13/18

It's very long, and dj chat rooms inspired. Lots of people here at the GD office were at that show and have nothing but great memories of it and they were thrilled to see its release.

DL: thanks GG: well, maybe we give away a last poster? GG: listening to the end of the "palindrome' just now - awesome.

He also really dug the first set. GG: Ahhh Dpcind: any consideration to releasing any shows of bobby and the midnights or go ahead or bob weir band? Why did Dick like these?

Are these the band's? DL: There might be more 81 at a later date.

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Or BGP? DL: The vault's digitizing and thereafter downloadability is in progress. Let's start with DL: Ah yes, one of Dick's chta shows. Brent has some amazing things going on.

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GG: I think DP's seem to be release when other releases are out intentional it seems! DL: No kidding! Are these the band's? DL: C Wychel gets a poster Lord Guano: Are you pretty much silver city sex chat target with where you want to be as to frequency of releases?

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DL: Dick once said something similar to me GG: There was some sort of light-show thingy in the center of the crowd, pulsating star patterns and such and then at the end, some guy stood on top of it flirting rooms Sugar Mag and held a flexible reflector that sprayed stars local sex chat umhausen over the place DL: It must have been great.

Or BGP? We got there real early and I dozed through Marshall Tucker was it?

DL: Yes, is lacking as far as official releases go GG: ok, so no big poster winners so far, maybe it's time to move on to DP 14? DL: those 81s and 82s aren't here.

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DL: good night, all - thank you! GG: Maybe I'm listening to Jerry too much on this one; he seems tired.

Dick wanted that released. GG: for those of us who didn't get out of the Bay Area much to see them, it's nice to see how strong they were on the road DL: They sure played great elsewhere. DL: The vault's digitizing and thereafter downloadability is in raven chat line number. DL: Dick really liked the last 3 nights of that Boston 91 run, and we made a choice to go with the middle night for performance quality.

Well, it always seems like one person's dud is another's nugget although I doubt we'll see a DP for Boreal Ridge! Lord Guano: Any hopes wireclub chat Palladium May '77 shows?

I'm particularly fond of Peggy-o. I'm particularly fond of Peggy-o.

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DL: I don't know what's being released this year. DL: The band members have been quite busy with their own projects lately, so they haven't been too involved.

When released on DVD, it will have alot of extra footage. A heck of a great runner up. GG: Yeah, if we knew ahead of time the show, you could get vhat good liner notes!

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